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BushDraw is a Blender Geometrynodes-Tool for procedurally generating Shrubs and Hedges, utilizing draw-able Curves.

Ready for your AssetBrowser!

Note: These Leaf-cards based shrubs aren't anything botanically correct and not meant to be.They're aimed for usage in your Mid- to Backgrounds.

The Free-version has the same Nodes as the Supporters-Version, only a few minor changes. For now, you can basically do everything the Supporters-Version offers with this Free-version! This might be subject to change in the Future.

For you awesome people who decide to support me, you not only get my eternal gratitude, but also excess to all 8 different pre-made setups I've made extra for you! + all future updates. (Free-Version, only gets updates which apply to the Bush_Quality asset)

These are:

  • BD_Bush_quality; (free version) - realized, 'pretty', lots of randomness, higher density, pentagon-cards
  • BD_Bush_performance; - instances; only 'object Info' random; lower density; triangle cards
  • BD_Bush_quality_spheres; - realized, instancing Spheres and instancing on them for more voluminousness;'pretty', lots of randomness, higher density, pentagon-cards
  • BD_Bush_performance_spheres; - instances; instancing Spheres and Instancing on them for more voluminousness; only 'object Info' randomness; lower density; triangle-cards
  • BD_Hedge_classic_quality; - realized, 'pretty', lots of randomness, higher density, pentagon-cards
  • BD_Hedge_classic_performance; - instances; only 'object Info' random; lower density; triangle cards
  • BD_Hedge_wild_quality; - realized, 'pretty', lots of randomness, higher density, pentagon-cards
  • BD_Hedge_wild_performance; - instances; only 'object Info' random; lower density; triangle cards

Getting Started:

Add the BushDraw-File to your 'Asset Libraries' File Paths, to have easy access to it. If you don't have a Path already, go to Edit; Preferences; 'Asset Libraries' and create a folder for your Library (You can also just append the collection to your Scene. Blender 3.2 or newer is required for the Asset-Browser collections to work!)

Now the BushDraw Library should show up in Your UserLibrary!

Drag and Drop the Asset of your choice to your scene, uncheck the 'Instance'-checkbox and center if necessary.

Change the 'TargetObject' to the surface you want to draw on, and delete the 'TargetExampleSurface' (To make sure nothing goes weird apply the Curve and the Node-asset, this shouldn't be necessary but it's good practice)

Select the BD_Curve, go to 'Edit Mode' (Tab); delete the Example-splines('A' , 'Ctrl' +'X'); select the 'Draw-tool' (pencil-symbol in the toolbar); choose 'Surface' as Method of projection Depth' ...and just get Drawing!

You can still edit the splines after drawing using all the Hotkeys you already know. For the Bushes, it's especially important that the Splines are close to the Surface! Otherwise it will not work correctly! Activating 'Snapping' will make it easier for you to keep them close.

For the Modifier-Menu, I added Tool-tips to the sliders which might be unclear. Also I ordered the sliders hierarchically; the ones at the top have the highest impact on the result to lowest on the bottom. I tried to make it as easy as possible to get creating. If anything is unclear, please reach out to me!

The Merge/'remesh'-Section is tricky though. It's for manipulating the Mesh resulting from 'fill curve' which then will be extruded. Usually you shouldn't need to do much here, unless you get holes or missing 'corners'. You can play around with the values, and see how it effects your shrubs. Be careful, here is the highest chance to break something!

If your finally happy with your bushes you can apply the Modifier to make them a static mesh.

Further Notes:

  • If you forgot to uncheck the 'Instance' checkbox after appending, you can still ('Ctrl'+'A') -> 'Make Instances Real'; (there will be no collection anymore, it's better to do it directly)
  • The Mud/Ground-shader is a bonus and looks best with adaptive subdivision enabled. The 'TargetSurface_ExamplePlane' has a Subdivision-modifier, I've disabled it in the Subdivision modifier-settings, for better 3d-Viewport performance.

Thank you so much for choosing my assets! Your feedback is highly appreciated! I already have a few updates in mind, which I'll explain on the blenderartists-thread. Let me know which you'd like to see first!

I'd love to see the pieces you make with BushDraw! You can tag me on twitter: @Pleebs_xyz

For Feedback, questions, suggestions and bugs:

For updates and news:


24.06.2022: minor changes only to this page, to enhance 'Getting started'

Big Thanks to everyone who supported and motivated me during the process, you people are great!

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The BushDraw Geometrynodes-group; a procedural LeaveCard-Shader and Mud/Ground (Free); + all 8 pre-made setups (Supporters-Version)


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