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WallDraw is a Blender Geometrynodes-Tool for procedurally generating walls (and literally ruin them easily) utilizing draw-able curves.

Ready for your AssetBrowser!

Quickly draw walls into your scenes, and ruin them as quick by deleting parts with another draw-able curve.

The goal of this project was to create decorative, easy to use walls for environment-scenes (park, garden, ruin...). The set-ups can create natural stone- , as well as mosaic-tiled walls (no bricks).

Get the Free-version to study and use. It has the same nodes as the Supporters-Version. You can theoretically do everything the Supporters-Version offers with the Free-version! (Free-version only includes 'WallDraw_Stones_wild' and the 2 accompanying materials, it's one of my favorites. )

For you amazing people who decide to support me, you have my eternal gratitude, but also get excess to all 16 different pre-made setups and a library of 19 materials made especially for these walls! to get you creating with ease! + all future updates.

These are:

7 Stone-; 5 Mosaic-tiled-, 2 dry-stone-(without mortar), 2 Mortar-only set-ups

10 of those are 'average' height (2-3m); 6 are 'low' (0.5-1m) hip-height walls.

Also included is a library with 19 variations of procedural materials, making it easy to change quick them. For further customizing and fitting the walls into your scene. (Free-version; includes only the materials of 'WallDraw_Stones_wild1')

these are:

6 mortar- , 6 mosaic- and 7 stone-shaders, all procedural and fully customizable (shaders are cleaned-up and organized; not grouped) (Shaded with focus on cycles; these materials use attributes )

Getting Started:

Unpack the file. Add the WallDraw-Folder to your 'Asset Libraries' File Paths, to easily access it later. Go to 'Edit'; 'Preferences'; 'Asset Libraries' to create a new file path (press the '+'- icon); name it 'WallDraw' and select the WallDraw-folder. Now the 'WallDraw' Library should show up as library under the drop-down-menu of the assetbrowser.

(for the Free-version just save the file under your File Paths and create a category for it, the asset should show up under 'Unassigned' (with the correct thumbnail); assign it by drag and dropping it into the category)

(You can also just append a collection to your Scene)

Drag and Drop the asset of your choice to your scene, uncheck the 'Instance'-checkbox and center if necessary.

Change the 'TargetObject' to the surface you want to draw on, and delete the 'TargetExampleSurface' (To make sure nothing goes weird apply transformations of the Curve and the NodeObject, this shouldn't be necessary but it's good practice)

Select the 'WD_Curve', go to 'Edit Mode' (Tab); delete the Example-splines('A' , 'Ctrl' +'X'); select the 'Draw-tool' (pencil-symbol in the toolbar); choose 'Surface' as 'Method of projection Depth' ...and just get drawing!

You can still edit the splines after drawing using all the hotkeys you already know.

To ruin(delete parts of) your wall: select the 'WD_RuinCurve' go to Edit Mode' (Tab); delete the Example-splines('A' , 'Ctrl' +'X'); select the 'Draw-tool' (pencil-symbol in the toolbar); (make sure it uses 'Surface' as 'Method of projection Depth'! ) ...and just draw that wall apart! ; On the Nodegroup(under 'RuinCurve') you'll find inputs to adjust the range separately for mortar and stones

Although I hope, the premade set-ups work right out of the box, there are:

Inputs, Inputs, Inputs, a lot of them! The most important ones are exposed to the Modifier-Menu, to make quick changes.

Literally every other input is on the Nodegroup to further fine-tune, if needed. (a (questionable) design-choice i made, towards easier maintenance and updates)

Every slider has Tool-tips! If anything is unclear, please don't hesitate reaching out to me!

I ordered the inputs as far as possible hierarchically; the ones at the top have the highest impact on the result to lowest on the bottom.

The Merge/'remesh'-Section is tricky though. It's for manipulating the base-mesh which then will be extruded. Usually you shouldn't need to do much here, unless you get holes or missing stones/tiles. You can play around with the values, and see how it effects your wall. Be careful, here is the highest chance to break something!

If your finally happy with your walls you can apply the Modifier to make them a static mesh.

Further Notes:

  • If you forgot to uncheck the 'Instance' checkbox after appending, you can still ('Ctrl'+'A') -> 'Make Instances Real'; (there will be no collection anymore, it's better to do it directly)
  • The Mud/Ground-shader is a bonus and looks best with adaptive subdivision enabled. The 'TargetSurface_ExamplePlane' has a Subdivision-modifier, I've disabled it in the Subdivision modifier-settings, for better 3d-Viewport performance.

Scenes with WallDraw:

so far all: made by myself. ...please tag me, or reach out, if you created something nice with WallDraw

Blender 3.3 or higher is required.

Thank you so much for choosing my assets! Your feedback is highly appreciated! I'd love to see the pieces you make with WallDraw! You can tag me on twitter: @Pleebs_xyz

For updates and news:

For Feedback, questions, suggestions and bugs:


1.0.1 :


Tiny convenience-change, limiting the 'Resample_Length' to 0.1 instead of 0.01 ; to prevent creating too much geometry accidentally, which could result in a crash with very large walls. This should not change or decrease anything with the walls. If you want it to go below 0.1 for some reason, in the Geometry Nodes-editor: Go to the 'Group' Inputs in the N-Panel and select 'Resample_Length' and lower the 'Min'-value.

For personal- and commercial use. Your not allowed to resell WallDraw or the materials included.

Big Thanks to everyone who supported and motivated me during the process, you people are great!

Especially to mention: Trinumedia and the people on the discord-server. You've been a big inspiration, motivation and help!

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The WallDraw Geometrynodes-group; a library of 16 pre-made setups and 19 procedural shaders + Mud/Ground (Free only includes only 1, with the 2 accompanying shaders)

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